Our Clients

Kalpana Consulting

Surrey-based accountancy firm TWP take the sting out of finance for local management consulting firm Kalpana Consulting.

Kalpana Consulting advises a range of software companies, and consulting enterprises on business development and marketing.  They promote growth for those businesses, and prefer to invest time into their clients than into dealing with their accounts internally.  They have utilised the services of TWP since day 1, after a friend recommended the company.

Director David Andrews comments, “They came across as a sound organisation.  The partner that we deal with, Phillip Munk, seemed very level headed.  As my business partner, pointed out, he is a good antidote to my tendency to take risks.  He balances me and keeps me in good check.”

TWP take care of the annual accounts, the monthly payroll and supply guidance and advice on an as-it’s-needed basis.  The accountants work as a good sounding board for whenever David needs to think about tax and allowance issues.